Famous Gambler – John Montagu

  • November 21, 2019

John Montagu lived in the middle of the eighteenth century. After studying at Cambridge, he left his home country in England and traveled extensively in Europe. Upon his return he became the First Lord of the Navy (similar to the Secretary of the Navy in the United States) and was determined to build the British Navy into an effective fighting force. Although he made many enemies along the way and was ridiculed and attacked in the media, he made many changes. For example, he insisted that a naval shipyard be inspected and the navy adopted a written disciplinary code.

Some critics accuse him of being corrupt and incompetent and pointing out the fact that the Revolutionary War took place on his watch. They argued that they should bear the responsibility for losing the Colony Agen judi pulsa.

His personal life is full of events. His wife’s health failed and he took a mistress. After years of happiness, he was killed. He took responsibility for the children he fathered and his two sons became successful.

According to legend, after he spent several days gambling without stopping to eat or drink, his servant asked him to rest and eat beef. Montagu likes beef but doesn’t want to leave the table to waste time eating, so they ask for beef to be placed between two pieces of toast. This new “invention” became very popular and was quickly named after its originator, John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. And that’s where the sandwich got its name.

The Sandwich Islands (renamed Hawaii) in the Pacific are also named after him since he sponsors and supports Captain Cook’s exploration.

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